Nominations can only be made by the dean of your faculty. Candidates may not apply directly.

Note: For new applications from 2024 we will not be accepting multi-year applications

  • The candidate’s full curriculum vitae and an abridged 2-page version.
  • Letters of support from at least two faculty members or leaders in the relevant academic discipline.
  • Full details of the course of study to be followed, including a motivation for the choice of institution, name and contact details of the supervisor (if applicable), duration of course.
  • Copies of the letters of acceptance by the university and college (if available).
  • Details of costs of tuition, living and other expenses.
  • The candidate’s e-mail, postal and home address and telephone numbers.
  • Full academic transcript.

The closing date for the receipt of nominations is 31 January.

Nominations should be sent to and copied to All nominations that are received will be acknowledged via return e-mail.

It is not possible for candidates to apply directly for support and any applications so received will not be acknowledged.