Past Awards

Awards by Faculty

Total awards since inception (excluding the current year) are 257 across 8 faculties.

Faculty Awards
Agriculture 3
Commerce 25
Engineering 19
Health Sciences 22
Humanities 77
Law 32
Science 60
Theology 3

Awards by Institution

Excluding the current year.

Oxford 51
Cambridge 42
London* 24
Stellenbosch 15
UCT 10
Pretoria 9
Edinburgh 8
Harvard 7
York 6
Stanford 3
Rhodes 3
California 3
Wits 3
Columbia 2
Leiden 2
Yale 2

Balance of institutions have hosted one student each – these include: Wisconsin, Smithsonian Institution, Ecole Lecoq, Victoria, Hogeskool Gent, Berklee College of Music, Royal College of Music, St Andrews, Sussex, Michigan, British Columbia, Bristol, Manchester, Missouri-Columbia, Cambridge USA, Northwestern, Texas, Vienna Opernschule, Conservatoire d’Lausanne, Cologne, Boston, Glasgow School of Art, Swedish University of Agriculture, Keele, Copenhagen, Pompeu Fabra, Trinity College of Music, Leiden, Auckland, HISK, Toronto, Adelaide, Chicago, Warwick, Essex, INSEAD, Manhattan School of Music, Delaware, Humboldt, Utrecht & Cornell.

*This figure includes UCL, LSE, Royal Academy of Music, Goldsmiths & the Courtauld Institute which are all technically constituent colleges of the University of London. However some, in particular UCL, are more comparable with free-standing, self-governing and independently-funded universities, awarding their own degrees